Bolnore Computers provide an alternative to SBS now “end of life” Microsoft Small Business server 2003/2008/2011 and Microsoft Exchange server.

Our unique ‘appliance technology’ delivers seven major advantages that will save you time, money and stress;

Rock Solid. Our software is engineered properly, delivering solutions that keep going on and on for years without any downtime.

Low maintenance. IT systems require constant updating, patching and upgrading to remain secure and operational. But, with our custom Linux servers these happen automatically. There are no manual updates or upgrades to worry about, and no equipment to reboot. You can focus on productive tasks.

Secure at all times. Linux boxes are continuously security hardened against emerging threats. Protection systems including anti-hacking, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing,
anti-spam and web filtering are continuously updated so you have complete peace of mind.

Compatible with both Windows and Apple Mac computers (even together). You won’t need to upgrade your desktop computers for them to work with our custom Linux servers, and existing servers can operate as before. Full integration with Active Directory Server.

Support is at hand, often before you know it. The health of your server box is automatically monitored. If a backup has failed or a hard disk is nearing full, we can give you a ‘heads up’ to the issue. This proactive approach keeps you operational 24×7.

Easy to use. Our servers are highly configurable via a web interface that has been designed with ease of use in mind. Day-to-day tasks such as adding new users are quick and easy. These tasks can be managed on your behalf.

Affordable whether you have 3, 30 or 3000 staff. Our custom designed Linux servers eliminate the complexity and cost inherent in alternative solutions. There are no hidden costs to worry about for updates or downtime.

Start migrating from Microsoft SBS server to better reliability, cost savings and improved performance with our Linux Business Servers.