Data Recovery

Keeping all your computer data safe and secure is very important, that we can guard against.

However, what about computer hard drive failure, accidental or malicious deletion of critical business files; or maybe laptop hard drive damage that requires the complete transfer of all your critical data to another computer.

Our Service

We can recover up to 100%* of all data and files for any purpose or reason. Our approach to ensuring data recovery is possible is to first ascertain the condition of the hardware containing the data to be recovered. The process of analysing data for recovery purpose can be costly and time consuming.

Bolnore Computers will provide a data recovery quote for the task no matter how long the recovery process takes saving you money.

Hard drive Data Recovery

  • Computer – laptop hard drives*
  • USB data storage devices*
  • Accidental deletion of files*
  • Viral infections that remove data*
  • Server data recovery from backups*

We aim to provide a fast response to any data recovery task we except to undertake, agree a realistic timescale and cost with you to ensure a satisfactory client service. Some companies charge you by the gigabyte (1GB) or the size of the hard drive example: up to (100GB hard drive = £100).

*Note: Indicates with any data recovery that is undertaken. The client agrees that to achieve a 100% success rate of data recovery this is dependent on the condition of the hardware or device.